Monday, May 7, 2012

a vintage tea party

venue: the CWA rooms
time: Sunday afternoon
decor: vintage tablecloths, borrowed tiered serving platters, streamers and balloons in pretty colours
menu: home-made party food (nana's sausage rolls, meatballs, little quiches, triangle sandwiches), veggie lasagne, Moroccan baked chicken legs, salad, delightful sweeties (grandma's teacup biscuits, aunty rene's slices, iced cupcakes and fairy cakes)
cake: lavender teapot with a rainbow centre
games: old fashioned fun (apple bobbing, doughnuts on a string, balloon races, pass the parcel)
attire: the birthday girl wore a mama-made dress


  1. All round adorable, love that dress, stunning & the apple boy, too cute. Good old fashioned fun & the prettiest cake too, love Posie

  2. Oh MY GOSH!!! That teapot cake is awesome. So so so so good... and there is a rainbow inside. You have just blown me away. Love!!!
    ... and that dress. Oh my. That dress. Stunning. Precious. Delightful. More love.
    Bobbing for apples... of wow - that is vintage - I remember doing that at my birthday parties.
    Hip hip hooray!



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