Wednesday, November 28, 2012

can ya dig it? or is it un-palette-able?

I got busy over the weekend. Down and dirty. But, no digging required this time, working on a no-dig veggie bed and a vertical snacking garden.

Preparing the no-dig garden bed. This is how I did it, only not quite as richly diverse. I used newspaper, straw, cow manure, some organic fertilizer pellets, organic compost for the planting and lucerne for mulch. My helper enjoyed the watering part.
The garden bed planted out. Lebanese cucumbers on an old piece of fence (use what we have!), corn, some different varieties of heirloom tomatoes and some capsicums. And some perennial spinach for good measure.
Chilli in a pot. Likes to be alone.

To make a vertical snacking garden. First, pick up an old palette from the side of the road.
Cover the back with some weed mesh or shadecloth, stapling thoroughly into the shape of the palette- especially down each side.
 Starting at the bottom and working up, fill each terrace with some good quality organic compost or potting mix, pack it in nice and snug. Plant two or three seedlings in each terrace. The seedlings in tubes that I used were the perfect fit (thanks, Wayne!) The very top terrace is a little tricky as you need to fill the soil upwards, too. Take your time, it's gardening, it's meant to be slow.
Leave your palette garden resting at a 45 degree angle, for a couple of weeks. Make sure you measure the angle with a protractor. This allows the the roots time to get settled in and hold onto the soil nicely, so the dirt won't just fall out of the front when upright. I hope. What did I plant? Glad you asked...
Lemon thyme
Greek oregano
Wild and Italian rocket
Perennial spinach
Gai Lam and Bok Choy
Rainbow spinach
Plain and garlic chives
Cos lettuce

I moved a little basil seedling that wasn't very happy into the vertical snack garden. My little O gave me a hand, and has been talking to his new friend Basil ever since the weekend. He says Basil is quite happy with his new friends.
The morning after planting, I came out to admire my handiwork, only to find the rocket had been chomped and little green eggs (or poos?) were left as evidence on the remaining leaves. I went to get provisions (in my housework clothes) to make Em's Famous Butterfly Recipe. I might also have to try Vanessa's Rather Artistic Solution for the Cheeky Buggers.
A perspective of the bestest, sunniest position in our yard, one of the paved terrace layers. I can already see the difference adequate sun makes, and have started moving some plants out of the original bed, and allowing the rest to go to seed.

Love this stuff. It's getting into my veins. If it's in yours, too, come and link in at Squiggly Rainbow!


  1. Oh, you and me, I think we may have hatched from the same egg. (I don't think I ever used that phrase before in my life!). Love it, love it, LOVE IT. Isn't it addictive stuff? And lovely that you go to Wayne too. Check out Delightfully Fresh Organics too because Wayne doesn't sell certain plants that I've planted recently: comfrey (for making comfrey tea of course!), sorrel (Luca picks the leaves and just eats them - amazing!). I did ponder over the idea of a vertical snacking garden (great name btw) but I'm slowly running out of room, and I'm working on convincing hubby to build a coup for a few buk buks. x

  2. Oh and thanks for the link m'dear!

  3. I have decided that I much prefer the no dig style of gardening, even though the one we planted last year was not that successful. I also love the idea of that vertical garden...with an average backyard I'd be able to plant lots..if my thumb wasn't black that is :)

  4. Love, love, love! What wonderful gardening projects :)

  5. Both little gardens have turned out great. With this warmer weather it wont be long 'til your harvesting fresh vegies and herbs.

  6. They look great, what a good way to use minimal space. It is so irritating when you hard work gets eaten by some pest, such is the life of a gardener.

  7. Hi there, love the no dig method, have used it twice in 2 different homes. Great with kids too. First time in Queensland and my 2 girls were very young and now they are grown up and both still love gardening. Why does the chili like to be alone?

  8. I haven't tried the no dig method, but many people swear by it. Your garden looks full of promise for the season, and your vertical garden will be a stunning feature as well as practical.

  9. Awesome! You have been busy! Nothing like a veggie patch. :)

  10. love this. my humble patch is my second home. not as cleverly constructed though just a pile of 'no-dig' madness! lovely little place here, x ashley



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