Saturday, December 1, 2012


Giving myself a virtual pat on the head this week, for getting something done. I've been chipping away at my plan (Stan), and while I haven't really completed any of the items of my list, I feel I'm steadily working towards all of them.

I was very happy to send some handmade Christmas decorations in the mail (deadline- barely met!). The gorgeous Christina did a lovely job pairing people up for the swap. I had an awful dose of performance anxiety, and still am unsure about my decorations. They are a kind of vintage-upcycled take on a bauble, using a vintage cotton spool and embroidery embellishment. I saw that both my ladies were into sewing, so I hope they like them!
I am going to go and get more inspiration for my Handmade Christmas at Creative Spaces. Are you making something festive?


  1. That is adorable! So creative! Or should I say 'sew' creative, lol...

  2. Oh I adore that decoration so much!

  3. I really like this. How creative. And beautiful.

  4. I really like that decoration...I like that it isn't too Christmas-y but it will still look lovely on the tree or hung in another special place.

    I have been doing some toddler Christmas craft...hoping to get a blog post about our potato stamped wrapping paper up tomorrow!
    I am not sure what we will get up to this week!

  5. Hi did a beautiful job making such a great decoration for a someone who loves sewing...I just love it to bits...Thank you!

  6. I think you have absolutely done yourself proud. this is gorgeous xx

  7. Beautiful! I love old spools, and this is such a great idea to make them into an embroidered ornament.

  8. So beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it! Inspiration for the next Christmas tree!



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