Saturday, December 8, 2012

squirm with me, friends

as I regale you with a tale of such splendid awkwardness, that I may just resist any kind of human interaction for a little while.

I had the opportunity to meet a lovely (much admired by me) blogger in the reals, recently. It happened that the only other human I know in this place came past with her lovely little bub in pram, accompanied by her mum's group pal and pram. I was introduced to mum's group pal, polite conversation ensued.

But I didn't introduce lovely blogger and lovely friend. Because I am a dork. A dork who writes a blog. A blog that her friends and family don't know about. Because it's dorky. And I'm a dork. And I couldn't bring myself to say I met this gorgeous person through my blog. Not introducing these two lovely ladies did no justice to the amount of admiration I have for both their awesomeness, but my dorkiness won out on the day. I am better on paper.
Homobloggerus, in her natural social habitat, is less awkward.

Do your real humans read your stuff? My darling told me the other day that when he is having a rough day, he hops on the blog to look through our babies in the Portrait Project. That made me happy. But why am I hesitant to share this place with friends and family? I'm not super cagey about it, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it once or twice, but I'm not sending them notifications either. I think maybe I feel a bit protective and precious about this space and community. You know that moment when two different circles of your friends (say, old school pals and new work mates) meet? Awkward. And dorky-awkward served with a side of stubborn-and-don't-need-anybody is quickly turning into a big plate of hermit!

Thank goodness it's summer, bringing with it the opportunity for casual get-togethers, socially drinking at sunset and public bikini wearing.


Sunday, December 2, 2012 (two)

An opportunity to reflect on my surroundings. To breathe in the rare moments of stillness in my world. To celebrate simple abundance in my daily life.
1. A moment to sew, for the Handmade Ornament swap.
2. A new toy. See you on Instagram? I'm sascedar, there.
3. The most gloriously vivid pile of vintage textiles, all found in one go. Pure happy.
4. Lacy, air-dry clay ornaments strung into a mobile for the festive season. Easy, pretty.
5. Feeling very useful, a bucket of home-made laundry liquid, cooling and stirring, cooling and stirring.
Come join the party at Emily's shack.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Giving myself a virtual pat on the head this week, for getting something done. I've been chipping away at my plan (Stan), and while I haven't really completed any of the items of my list, I feel I'm steadily working towards all of them.

I was very happy to send some handmade Christmas decorations in the mail (deadline- barely met!). The gorgeous Christina did a lovely job pairing people up for the swap. I had an awful dose of performance anxiety, and still am unsure about my decorations. They are a kind of vintage-upcycled take on a bauble, using a vintage cotton spool and embroidery embellishment. I saw that both my ladies were into sewing, so I hope they like them!
I am going to go and get more inspiration for my Handmade Christmas at Creative Spaces. Are you making something festive?


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