Thursday, November 1, 2012

in stitches: scary cape

Some shiny red and black fabric became a scary vampire cape for my big boy this week, accompanied (naturally) by cake.
How-to: worms in dirt cakes
1. Bake your usual cupcakes and ice generously with chocolate icing.
2. Stick a sour worm into the icing on each cake.
3. Sprinkle with chocolate biscuit crumbles (I used Ripple biscuits that I smashed up with a rolling pin).
4. Eat. Outside.

Looking at lovely creative spaces in this creative month of November.


  1. Your little vampire looks mighty chuffed with himself! And yumbo to bikkie crumbs sprinkled onto chocolate icing! Wishing you a gorgeous day :) x

  2. Hello - just popped over from Our Creative Spaces :-)Cute vampire and love the idea of worms in dirt cakes.

  3. cuties! love the pic of your little vampire :)

  4. Cute - love the eat outside step:)

  5. That's a very scary little vampire boy you have there! :) So cute.
    And that's such a cool idea, putting 'worms' in 'dirt cakes.'
    Ronnie xo

  6. Oh your boy looks very scary with those fangs in and cute too:) Love the cupcake idea, yummo. xx

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