Thursday, November 22, 2012

straight to the pool room

It isn't often my siblings and I are both fancy and  together in one place. Excuse me while I bore you with photos from our cousin's wedding we recently attended. I have made a deliberate editing choice today. You will not be seeing the photograph of me pouring scotch into a large maccas coke between ceremony and reception, nor the picture of me dancing the 'welcome dance' to Kokomo by the Beach Boys later in the evening.

You stay classy, San Diego.
This is me, in the dress that I made. I added a little beaded bolero cardigan, a vintage glomesh purse and vintage gloves I found in an op shop ages ago. And I totally glammed up with my Maybelline NY gear.
My good-looking sibs and I. Generations ago, someone put a group photo curse on our family, so this is a rarity.
My youngest brother, who lives overseas, had this tux tailored up to wear to a matinee show. As you do.
Going to such an intimate, emotional wedding made me want to marry this guy, over and over.
This was about the extent of the actual wedding I photographed. I forgot to take my camera into the church, which was a blessing, because I got to enjoy the whole ceremony, including the groom's reaction when he saw our stunning cousin. I had a giggle at the number of iPhones in the air during the vows, though. I don't feel like we were married that long ago, but we had one digital page made up in our album, and that was a huge deal! She styled the wedding herself, the reception was breathtakingly beautiful. My sis and I danced the night away. We may have had the odd champagne or two. We even stayed overnight, despite the fact that we were five minutes from home.
And I absolutely ate these guys in the morning. Chocolate coated strawberries, dressed up as a bride and groom. Cute!

Do you cry at weddings?


  1. How beautiful you look. The dress looks stunning. And I love the cardi and gloves. Lovely touches.
    How nice to all be together and for such a happy occassion.

  2. Wow, the dress came up great! So clever!

  3. So gorgeous!
    I would have loved to have seen the extra couple of pics!!
    :-) x

  4. You look stunning! And so happy!
    That dress is amazing!

    And even though they are too cute to be consumed, I totally would have eaten those strawberries!

  5. You look stunning! Oh so gorgeous. Love love love.

  6. You look gorgeous and your dress is stunning.
    I am a real tear jerker at weddings, I can't help myself.

  7. I recognise this wedding!! My friend and I snuck up for a sneek peak after we saw The Sweetest Things delivering the most gorgeous cake upstairs for the wedding.. It was beautiful!! - Rach



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