Thursday, May 10, 2012

in stitches: knitted baby cardi in progress

On a whim, I grabbed a couple of balls of wool and some needles in my local oppy last week. I am not a knitter, though my mum is. Memories of winter are always punctuated by her quick fingers, clickety-clacking away while we watched Young Talent Time or A Country Practice.

I scoured the internets for an easy pattern, that may turn into something my little one could wear. I have only knitted flat items thus far, so a simple-as-can-be garment is just what I needed. And found, with this sweet little cardigan pattern (free!) on the Mollie Makes website.
So with a free pattern, $2 in yarn and 50c in needles, I'm not all that concerned that I keep losing my place and messing up the pattern, or that I found the whole project on the loungeroom floor, off the needles, yesterday. No worries, I got it back onto the needles and it seems OK. And the coloured yarn is knitting up to look like a rainbow paddlepop. Fingers crossed I will have this garment finished before winter ends!

I took my knitting project with me to my little guy's swimming lesson this week. I didn't notice a little girl watching my fingers turn the wool over the needles until I heard her mum say "It's knitting- have a look, because you'll never see me doing it!" I laughed and told the mum that this is my first attempt at a garment, but my mum knits beautifully. And that I'm finding it very relaxing. Knitting as meditation?

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  1. I so admire you for giving it a go, I'm a hopeless knitter!

  2. all the best :) and you taught a little girl something too - lovely :)

  3. Well done for trying something new! I am not a particularly great knitter, but it is fun to try something every now and then. :)

  4. Well done on giving it a go......I think I might've given up after finding it off the needles and on the floor, eek!!

    I think Winters are made for knitting and crochet. Had to smile at the memory of your mum knitting whilst watching YTT or ACP...

    Claire :}

  5. Sometimes is nice to go cheap with the materials so you can enjoy the process. My little one has dragged many a project off the needles, so I can relate to that one. I do like the colour of the yarn, memories of rainbow paddle pops made me smile.

  6. Knitting as meditation? Oh, absolutely!!

  7. nothing better than some op-shopped needles and wool and a have-a-go attitude! Hope your cardigan turns out! I've only ever been brave enough to knit scarves!

  8. Oh, careful. Quickly becomes an obsession!!!!

  9. Go for it!!! :) I don't really knit a lot either (I find crochet a bit easier) but I find it relaxing too ... well, except for those times when I find it off the needles and strewn around the room with several rows undone! LOL



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