Saturday, May 26, 2012

there were five in the van: day five

Easter morning, so chocolate was the natural choice for breakfast.
Carrying on like a bunch of tourists. We travelled in CamperDan from our little powered site in the Skenes Creek Beachfront Van Park south along the Great Ocean Road to see the classic sights.

At London Bridge, Uncle Al told us about his last visit, which happened to be with my darling's dad. Apparently, they took advantage of the lack of safety rails, and dangled over the edge of the cliff. Crazy. I could barely contain myself, as my weird fear of edges started to get to me. Not heights, edges. And dropping things from them. Probably should have taken some kind of sedative, in hindsight. It was to be a big day of edges.
We stopped at the sweet little town of Port Campbell for lunch and a play. The boys had a play on a fantastic timber playground while I wandered the little market and bought a very lovely handmade beanie. At Port Campbell, I saw lifesavers wearing trackies. It's cold there. So we had some hot chips for lunch. You can see how awesome Eloise thought they were.

I braved more edge to see the Twelve Apostles. It was windy, cold, very busy and totally beautiful. My lovely new beanie worked a treat, as did my Close carrier, which enabled me to carry Eloise, snuggled in, whilst freeing my hands to hold onto railings in a white-knuckled fashion. Oh, and that family portrait was indeed the best one. From a series of sixteen.
We stopped in at Johanna Beach on the way back from the Apostles, so Surfer Mate could have a look at the alternative venue to Bells. I hung back in the warm CamperDan (fine by me!) as the small one was in need of a feed. We were treated with a gorgeous rainbow.

Our final visit was to be the Otway Lighthouse, but it was closed by the time we got there. Not to worry though, on the drive out to the lighthouse, the koalas were getting ready for bed. The first koalas I've seen in the wild! Completely unexpected, and amazing.


  1. I'm no good with heights or edges, but this trip has been on our list since our trip to Victoria. It looks like an even more rugged trip at this time of year. And that sign?! Enough to stress you even more!

  2. its a beautiful part of the coast. we spent a week down there travelling about when i was in my early 20s. on our list to do as a family now. the view is nothing short of breathtaking. xo



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