Wednesday, May 9, 2012

there were five in the van: day four

Just a quiet day hanging in Apollo Bay. We wandered through the markets there, I bought a cool hat to keep the little one's ears warm, the boys had a big play at a very popular playground.

Then we set up CamperDan and CamperStan with our dear friends, and got the fire cranking. Can I tell you that corn on the cob, cooked any other way than in the embers of a wood fire, is deeply disappointing. And the boys are still picking up sticks and examining them for their worth as a marshmallow tool. And roasted chestnuts: not too bad!


  1. We are thinking of converting an indoor fireplace to be a working one. After these photos I want to even more.

  2. Gorgeous! It all looks and sounds wonderful, especially the marshmallows. :)



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