Friday, July 22, 2011

yesterday had awesome in it

You know one of those days? Those ones where you notice little lovely happenings in the world? That was yesterday morning for me. I picked yesterday as a slow day, dropped the boys at school and kindy, and hung out with my baby girl.

We hit the shops because I needed to buy umbrellas. On Wednesday I had sent the big boy in to school with our last one, and of course it didn't come home.

Me: Where's your umbrella matey?

He: I left it outside to dry. When I went to get it, it was gone. I saw it flying away. It nearly toughed the sky!

So, arriving at the massive undercover parking, which was very busy, I stopped when I drove past a car leaving. Trying to reverse into the spot (yep, I'm challenged in this area), I noticed two cars waiting behind me, and thought too hard, you have it. Then drove around the corner and scored a spot right next to the door!

I ducked into Kmart and grabbed all manner of wet-weather gear (it didn't rain like this in the burbs) and wandered to the very other end of the shops to eat cake and tea for breakfast (pumpkin and ginger- quite good actually). Sitting down a group of four older folk drinking cappuccinos out of shiny red cups cooed at that gorgeous baby I carry around. Then I realised they were saying He's lost a sock love (she's a girl. I like to dress her in blue to confuse people). So I retraced my steps and I found the sock! How lovely is that, especially when it was a hand knitted pair.

I ducked across to Lincraft to grab some sewing supplies to make some gifts, and saw some cool clear umbrellas. You can never have too many I thought, and grabbed one with a red handle (big boy's favourite colour). When I popped it open, it is the kind that comes down over your shoulders- awesomeness! So I walked in the rain, baby girl close in her sling, protected in a lovely acrylic bubble. It was a delight.


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  1. I am so so so so so sooooo totally in love with that umbrella. I want one so bad!! It is beyond awesome!

    I love the rain. I love listening to it, watching it glide down the glass... or in your case, your umbrella. The sound is so comforting & peaceful. Curled up in bed snuggled down warm, listening to the grand sound of the rain outside is bliss. The only thing that would improve it would be to have a tin roof.

    One day I want to have a home with a big glass window in the roof of my bedroom & a tin roof. So I can listen to the gorgeous rain & watch it too while warm in my bed. :)



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