Monday, July 18, 2011

a focus: nourish

I eat too many biscuits. There. I said it. My name is Sarah, and I am addicted to eating biscuits. Usually whilst hiding my head in the pantry. Or early in the morning, before the rest of the people get up. I try to hide my shame.
But biscuits are wonderfully convenient. You can grab them and eat them quickly. You don't need to prepare, defrost, chop, de-seed, mix or reheat. They are just there. Ready. Taunting.
But. Well, yes. My butt. I've figured out that my weight issues are in no way linked to growing a baby. Half the weight I gained disappeared straight away. The other half, I believe, is desperately clinging on to the biscuits I am consuming. And I feel kind of blah. Just like I am up several times a night and not eating right. Oh, that's because it's true! It's just that, well, most of the day I only have one hand, at best. Between preparing breakfast (for kids), making school lunch (for a kid), cooking dinner (for everyone) and feeding a human from my body I seem to have very little time to eat properly. But this just isn't good enough anymore. As of today, I am going to prioritise my own nourishment as equally important as everyone else's. Maybe even more important. Take that, family.
This is how I will do it:
1. Plan the dinner menu for the week, choosing meals I can prepare during the middle-of-the-day nap time, preferably with one hand. While breastfeeding.
2. Snack mindfully- have fruit cut up and ready in the fridge to eat with one hand. Also nuts might be a good idea. But not biscuits.
3. Eat breakfast. Instead of biscuits.
4. Only eat sweet treats that I have baked myself. This will work because I am lazy.
I do need help, though. Any suggestions for ready-to-go, one-handed snacks? And dinners that I can make at lunchtime? Love to hear your ideas, even better, link me up to your recipes!
Note: I may or may not have consumed three biscuits during the writing of this post.


  1. i hear you on the nourishment and the snacking. Personally I find once I have tended to everyone else I really can't be bothered with myself. The other day I served and ate dinner first. I think the planning makes nourishing yourself a lot easier.

    kate says stuff has a great linky up today to inspire menu planning. exciting!

  2. haha I hear you .. i try and go with 'eat what you feel like' but today that has meant eating two pieces of fudge (maybe 4x daily sugar intake?!) nuts are great though .. i love almonds. i also find eating breakfast easier if i make it - bircher muesli, toasted muesli (can put all your favourite bits in) with yoghurt .. good luck! x

  3. I like keeping cut up vegetables on hand in the fridge. If carrots are pre-cut, I can eat them by the handful. Same with broccoli, cauliflower & celery. (all raw) It's remembering to cut them up that is the issue LOL.

    I also like keeping hummus or other healthy dips on hand. They help the veges down down a treat. :)



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