Sunday, July 10, 2011

weekly gratitude

Four images, expressing my gratitude for the week.

Grateful for getting out and doing stuff together. Watching whales is much easier on dad's shoulders.

Grateful for ABC Kids.

Grateful for somehow cranking out super-awesome baked dinners out of an oven with a mind of it's own. A mind that thinks "I would like to burn down this house".

Grateful for finally finding a fantastic beautician to tame my eyebrows. image credit
Joining the gratefulness at Maxabella


  1. Its a mum skill, that roast dinner thing! I can't think of anything better than my mums roasts- and mark my words- my children WILL love burnt veg and dry meat. they will. ;)

    xo em

  2. Oh I just love that third picture, it's precious! I stopped by from maxabella and hope you don't mind a new follower x

  3. I hear you on the oven and those eyebrows!

  4. Heh, heh, loved that last one particularly. x



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