Saturday, July 2, 2011

found on friday

I thought, yesterday, that I would give this op-shopping thing a go. All the cool kids are doing it. And I need pants. You know that period in your life where the lovely soft roundness of being a mummy stops your pants from fitting? I've moved into a rental apartment in that town. Temporarily, mind you. Must stop my pack-a-day biscuit habit I guess. And I haven't been seriously op-shopping since my uni days, when I would wander around Sydney in a floral flowing dress, black lace-up boots and a cherry beret (still have the beret).
So after dumping the big kids lovingly taking my boys to their places of education and care for the day, I packed miss tiny into the baby carrier and headed into the shop.
Immediately struck by the smell, I was reminded of my beautiful Nana. She volunteered at St Vincent de Paul for many years, and many of our gifts as kids were from the Vinnies shop. This kind of lost it's sheen by the time I hit the surly teenage years. My sister and I would giggle at the out-dated, musty smelling clothes and handbags she would find for us. I hope I have grown a bit more in terms of gratitude. I certainly miss receiving a card in the post for my birthday each year.
So, I meandered. You know, wandered around, looking at things in a idle kind of way, with little consideration of the time. It was lovely. And I found these things:A pale blue pencil skirt, which is so ridiculously flattering on. Awesome with my new boots.
A knitted grey vest. Because I regularly lie to myself that I can pull off man-style dressing just as well as Katherine Hepburn.
Stripey jumper that reminds me of neapolitan ice cream.

And this scarf. Which I think is so freaking groovy I have been staring at it since I bought it. One problem. It's grooviness far outshines my capacity to live up to it. I have no idea how to wear such funkiness. Please. Please help me on this. Or it may become a cushion.

Please note the total absence of pants. Which I still need. Looks like I'll be back next week!


  1. YOU SO SCORED! I am still cracking up about your comment with the musty smelling handbags! bloody funny!

    where do you keep your cherry beret? such a great reminder of those times! xxx gemma

  2. I loveeeee the scarf!!!
    fab. finds!

  3. Simple knot at the neck, with plain black clothes so it really stands out, L.O.V.E the scarf x

  4. ohh you are hooked now! this op shopping is addictive stuff. You must have a look at this blog.
    This is what I'll be doing with a silk scarf I found on the week end.
    Love the jumper too.

  5. You found so many great goodies! I love the pencil skirt and the vest... they look like they would look great together

  6. you can knot the scarf around your neck, cheeky style, or just tie to the handle/strap of your handbag... fab find!
    IF you go back on Sophie's blog to February you may still find our 28 day challenge to wear a scarf 28 different ways!!



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