Friday, July 1, 2011

weekly gratitude

aaah...Fridays. This one marks the beginning of two weeks of school holidays, and in glorious fashion, too. Marvellous not to have to do the school run in the pouring rain for a couple of weeks! Yep, I'm grateful for that. And also for umbrellas. And rainy days. And stretchy pants. Just some of the things I was thinking of today.

What a lovely week to look back on. Sorting through photos from the past seven days gives me many reasons to smile, and helps me prepare for the coming week with the possibilities of joy in clear focus. A delightful Friday night ritual.
Wrinkly forehead...nuzzly mouse noises...tiny spider fingers: newborn love!

Sharing a meal with my family.
Sharing my Poppi with my daughter.
Sharing a mandarin with the little man. Twice the deliciousness!

Hope you shared moments with special people this week.


PS Joining in with Maxabella and the gang this week


  1. We are so used to getting all wet after school that I haven't even noticed that we've managed to stay dry this week... Your kids are so cute!

  2. Fridays are truly wonderful. You've captured some great moments here--so much to be grateful for! Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the snuggly newborn stage, so amazing. Visiting thanks to Maxabella.

  4. Such beautiful photos! Lovely grateful, will be following along from now on :)

  5. absolutely beautiful photos, especially Poppie with his newest (?) great grandie? :) thanks for your kind words and for saying hello over at my blog x

  6. I am also grateful for stretchy pants :)

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Really enjoyed seeing the b&w photos, especially your Poppi and baby, too sweet. Also loved the pix from the p shop - bargain! Lots to be grateful for, including the lovely Maxabella, grateful she does the hop which leads to me meet bloggers I might not find otherwise. Hope your weekend is going well.



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