Saturday, July 30, 2011

found on friday

So much goodness, in such little time. Hand-knitted beanies for me and my girl.
These awesome knitted house-sock things. I would like to meet the lovely lady that is making these and donating them to my local oppy. I would tell her that my little man (who refuses to wear socks even when it's freezing) has been cuddling his pair.

A very cool paisley shirt. Might need a slight re-work for a better fit, but I love the fabric.

Some really lovely quality sailor-style pants in pale blue. Is Von Troska a cool brand? I'm happy because they are made in Australia.

This pretty spring-green blouse. I was hot when I was shopping. Blouse. What a lovely word.

A hand-knit man cardi for the big boy. $2. Seriously.

Delightful dress.

A pretty apron. I feel I need to don the last two items, maybe even my red heels, and bake a sponge or something.

So nice to be seeing a springy end to my winter wardrobe of grey and black. The drab is making me tired and grumpy. I think I will wear some of my lovely new(to me) springy colours today, if it's warm enough!



  1. You hit the jackpot gorgeous lady. Awesome, gorgeous finds!

    My kids love those knitted booties. My Mum makes them periodically & they love it when she does.

  2. These are some wonderful finds!! I can't believe the bargain prices - they're brilliant :-) Those house slipper/socks look as though they'd be incredibly cosy on a wintry evening and I'm in love with the green springy-print blouse, the red and white dress and the pretty apron!

    Jem xXx



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