Monday, August 6, 2012

weekends are for...

apple pie jam-making
new-old toy cleaning
hills hoist-drying
garden tea-drinking
and gathering. This week from Avoca Beach Grower's Market. $26 for (all organic and local) spinach (silverbeet), leeks, dutch cream potatoes, iceburg lettuce, baby bok choy, coriander, a red capsicum, six fat carrots, a head of broccoli and some snow peas. Two big punnets strawberries from Windsor $13. Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies from Batlow $6 per bag of 8.

What was your weekend for?


  1. Lots of beautiful moments in your weekend, I do those simple happy moments where you are all together too. What a delicious lot of produce you bought and at such a great price too, I wish there was a farmers market close by to us. My weekend was for gardening, lots to do and still lots more left but it was good to be out in the sunshine. Have a fantastic Monday. x

  2. Lovely. That haul from the markets looks delicious, and that jam. Just look at the colour. Apple pie jam. Mmmmm. Apples are so good this year.

  3. Gorgeous.
    what a beautiful weekend.
    I feel relaxed just looking at those pics.
    :-) xx

  4. I love the old hills hoist. If I ever move to a house with one there is no way I'd be taking it out.

    Your blog is really lovely.

  5. Why hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog - it's so lovely to find you too! From your newest follower.... x

  6. Sarah, what a gorgeous post. Those pics are pure magic. Such a beautiful weekend. I soooo love your haul from the market and the miniature furniture is simply divine!

  7. A weekend to repeat!! Your photos are wonderful:)



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