Tuesday, August 7, 2012

growing things: winter plantings

Over our lovely weekend, one of the tasks achieved was to establish a little kitchen garden. My knowledge of gardening for food is a little slapdash, but we are giving it a go.
The organic grocer at the market was also selling veggie seedlings, so I bought a lovely selection, including snow peas, sugar snap peas, wombok, bok choy, lettuce, carrots, coriander and flat parsley.

The spot in the garden must have been a veggie garden, once upon a time. There are a couple of happy strawberry plants, rosemary and curly parsley, already there. Oh, and Percy.
We stopped at the nursery for advice and compost, then came home and began digging.
I had two potatoes that had sprouted, so we threw them in a mound of dirt and compost in another section of the garden. I have no idea if anything will come of this, but my boys are so obsessed with the storybook The Potato People, we just had to try.

After all our hard work I felt I should do some research about what I had planted. I found an excellent website, which informed me which climate we live in (handy!) and gives a month-by-month list of what to plant. You can even subscribe to have email reminders sent, telling you to get those plants in! Check out Gardenate here!
Are you a kitchen gardener? What are you planting or harvesting in August?


  1. Ohh, looks like fun! We have lots of work to do before Spring planting (running late!) as we basically ignored it over Winter. I look forward to seeing your progress :)

  2. And hello again Sarah. Great that you're doing potatoes. That's on my list... Oh, and thought I should mention to you, in case you don't already know, that I get my organic seedlings from Wayne, a lovely man on Ocean View Drive in Wamberal. The HomeGrown Plant Stall is open 10-4 on Sat and Sun. (And because you asked, and because I can't find your email address, this is how to follow me: go to Blogger and click on Add on the LHS, and just stick me in there.) x

  3. I have a kitchen garden and love it. It's handy for cooking with and i'm constantly thinking of ways to use them in my food.

    Now that it's winter we've had to rip out the tomatoes and come Spring, will start fresh with new plants.

  4. Thanks Allana! I'm super excited about eating sugar snaps off the vine :)

    I've driven past the little plant guy at wamberal many times, vanessa, must drop in when we are ready for more. The seedling from the market were only ten bucks, and organic, so I was happy with that! (and I figured it out, and added you- thanks!)

    it's nice to see you trishie, will come check out your place :)

  5. So much to do, the weeds have taken over. Ahh! Still have some Jerusalem artichokes to dig up and broccoli is coming along. It's also nice to just pick herbs when needed instead of paying a fortune in the shops. Planted some bare rooted fruit trees a few weeks ago and hope they'll kick off in Spring.

  6. HI again Sarah, just realised I don't have an email address for you and wanted to reply to your last comment on my blog: ... The drive to FIG is what puts me off for ages too. I couldn't contemplate it while my youngest was tiny, and he's still not that great in the car, but as long as I have bananas and dates etc to hand, I can keep him going. Listen to me... I make it sound like a 2-hour drive. It's barely 25 minutes, but it seems longer because of the winding bumpy roads. What I'd love to set up is a group of mums who live nearby and we take it in turns to get each other's boxes, which might mean we only have to go once or twice a month. Drop me an email and maybe let me know where you live... Maybe we could work something out between the two of us if you're serious about joining...



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