Tuesday, August 21, 2012

hello, sunshine!

That first day, where the warmer weather catches you by surprise. I've been waiting for that day, keeping aware, cleverly dressing in layers so as to not get caught out, sweating in a too-hot knit and long pants.
It caught me by surprise, anyway, over the weekend. Taking the kids down to the beach, and setting them free on the sand, letting them get wet carving channels in the sand and transporting water in coffee cups. Stripping them of too-warm outer layers, knowing there was enough warmth in the sun to dry the rest.
Meeting friends, old and new, chatting about this and that, marvelling over the amazing little humans around us. Feeling truly blessed in the warm sunshine. Gratitude to be in this place, by the sea.
Welcome, Spring, I've been waiting for you!


  1. I hear you - it's a whole new world in Spring isn't it! I must admit thought that the second the sun comes out I "forget" that it is still actually freezing and stop wearing a jacket out... must use your layering tactic ;)

  2. I love Winter, but by the end of the season I too am on the look out for signs of Spring and the potential of a new season. Looks like you found a perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather. :)

  3. Such a lovely surprise to be caught by some beautiful weather, to be able to hang out with friends while watching little ones play in the sand, what a wonderful day you had. So glad the sun shone for you today. x

  4. Only 11 more sleeps, come on Spring :)

  5. Hello Spring... almost. It always gets colder again in the last couple of weeks of Winter so I am not getting too excited yet.

    Ah, the beach, the longer days, the scents... SPRING! x

  6. Well, yes.... but have you been outside today??!!! If this is spring, what on earth will summer be like? It's already too hot in my car... I don't want to melt!



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