Thursday, August 16, 2012

in season: whole orange cake

My Nanna used to make whole orange cake, and the smell and little chunks of rind send me back to childhood immediately. She would make lemon cream cheese icing for hers. I struggle to not scoff the whole cake the moment it is out of the oven. My recipe is a hybrid of Rhonda's from her book/blog Down to Earth and Aunty Sue's recipe. Aunty Sue isn't really my aunt, but a very close friend of my mother-in-law, she taught me how to embroider. But of course, no recipe will ever hold a candle to my Nanna's.

Grab this:
Do this:

I must be finished the bucket of oranges, right? Not quite, but the rest will be another round of cakes, I think, and perhaps some fresh juice for a sick little man home from school. I'm happy with the range of recipes I created with those juicy, golden orbs:
Whole Orange Cake
I'm yet to try Greer's Orange and Walnut Cake, but I will soon!

What in-season ingredient are you cooking with this week?


  1. Wow you have managed to stretch those oranges far :)
    I made this cake last term and was quite surprised with how lovely it was, cream cheese icing would top it off nicely.

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing. I have been wanting a great "whole orange cake" recipe so timely.

    I have been using brown sugar. That is always in season around here ;) That and condensed milk.

  3. @ Tammi- it is surprisingly good for little effort, huh?
    @Tas- a woman after my own heart- brown sugar *and* SCMilk, oh yeah! I used half white/ half dark brown sugar in this one, it was goooood.



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