Saturday, October 15, 2011

a not-new outfit win!

So, it's buy nothing new month. And I'm not. Buying nothing new. Only, I realised last week that I had a work engagement looming. Actually, speaking at a conference, I'll have you know. Standing up in front of 185 people and talking. My first time doing this. My first time wearing proper shoes in months! My darling knew it was coming up, and kept giving gentle prompts...Do you need to get something to wear? And I snapped as only a woman being woken twice a night for five months can... Of course I bloody can't. It's buy nothing new month! And ignored the fact I had to get dressed in real clothes in a few short days.

The morning before (instead of writing my speech) I rummaged through my old work clothes. Lovely suits, pretty shirts. All too big though (thanks yoga!). And I caved. After the school run, I a shop. Luckily it was the nearest Salvos Store. I took the kids with me as insurance against wandering aimlessly for hours. And I struck gold, in the form of a perfect outfit! I had pinned this a little while back

loving the sweetness. But I like colour.

And I found all of this:
Country Road pencil skirt- $10
Rivers cotton pin tuck blouse with brown buttons- $6
Cardigan in my most perfect green- $6
Scarf- $3
I teamed all this with my favourite shoes- patent black with a white trim slingback peep toes, with a block heel. Super 1950s. $25 all up is a bargain in anyone's language, I think? And none of it was new! Yay for me.

What have you bought not-new lately?


  1. That outfit looks great. Always amazing what the op shop Gods will throw your way just at the time you need it.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am pretty sure some of those names are to hide the fact there's a crap-load of butter or other fats (mostly animal) in these puddings.

  2. Good on for sticking to to the pledge! It's a very sweet outfit and much cheaper than retail.

  3. Well, you know, I am visiting California, it is difficult not to buy anything when you travel. Especially that the clothing is so inexpensive compared to Florence, and Victoria's Secret store is too close to where I am staying...I swear that I will be buying nothing next month when I am back.
    I like your outfit, you chose well and with taste.

  4. love it! good old salvos to the rescue :)

    Good luck with the presentation!

    Kel :)



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