Wednesday, October 12, 2011

birthday love

Over the weekend, we celebrated my darling's birthday.

A visit from family on Saturday, complete with lunch at the pub. Warm day, cold beer, Grandma's carrot cake...heaven! Followed up with a morning at the beach, then dinner at a local Thai place. I have this condition, excusitis, wherein I can come up with at least 62 reasons not to do something, even though I actually really want to. Probably why I only get around to having my hair done twice a year. We looked at our rabble of children earlier in the day on Sunday and swiftly decided that a meal out was not in our destiny. By the afternoon, after some super-quick grocery shopping, I remembered my family going out to the same Chinese restaurant, for everyone's birthday, year after year. I asked my Dad about it not long ago, and he explained that they used to take us early (as in 5pm), order pretty much as we were sitting down, and be finished and out the door in about 40 minutes. I thought we might as well give it a try- we were all going in the car to get the takeaway anyway. And by golly, it was worth putting shoes on! The staff were so lovely, and looked after the little ones by bringing smaller bowls and cutlery, and talking to them lots. We ordered quickly, and I swear the food was on our table in less than five minutes. And it was delicious. Follow that up with a sunset walk along the beach? Yes please. 

I am appalling at choosing gifts for my love. We are both of the opinion at this time in our lives that we don't want more 'stuff', but boy that makes birthdays difficult! Added to that, my commitment to buy nothing new throughout October, and also give meaningful gifts, and I had myself a pickle.

Inspiration struck the night before his birthday, and I sat making a year's worth of tickets to adventures around our local area. We are still exploring this place, and it is overwhelming at times to know where to start. So I checked out the touristy websites, and found a bunch of inexpensive days out. 12, in fact.

And I have made a printable for you to download if you like! You can just print them, and write in what the tickets are for, or if you use photoshop, you can add text layers in the spaces provided. The gift was well-received, and will truly keep on giving through the year.


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