Saturday, October 8, 2011

in a bind

I've been making my very own bias binding. Oh yes, I have.
The front is made from a vintage sheet. The other is a cute check cotton. The check will be a trim on some 80's shorts I am yet to make for my nephews. I followed the tutorial at made (naturally). I the following advice for those wishing to make bias binding:
  • a small amount of fabric goes a long way, my fat quarter made over 7 metres!
  • let the little taggy bits overhang more than you think when joining strips together
  • keep your fingers out of the way when you are ironing the folds. Burnies.
Checking out the other creative types here.


  1. very cool! i'm ging to have a go at that for my latest bunting, thanks for the tips x

  2. wow i'm impressed! i always figured it'd be too hard to make bias binding.

  3. this looks AWESOME! making bias binding is deinitiely on my list of things to do! did you use a tutorial or anything?

  4. They look great but, my goodness, you must have the patience of a saint!



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