Saturday, June 25, 2011

weekly gratitude

Four photos reflecting my gratitude for the week.

I am grateful to live in a community where this happens.

I am grateful that the tooth came out and I don't have to listen to the creepy sound of it wriggling anymore.

I am grateful that I know my way around a sewing machine.

I am grateful for the gazes that are only for me.

Life really is sweet and sour. This was a nice opportunity, at the end of a week where I felt I was going under, to see how good I really do have it! Here's to a sweet weekend to all.



  1. Oh, this is beautiful. And funny! I never thought about the toof noises but now that you mention it... !! x

  2. PS - you really must link up your gratitude posts at mine on the weekend. Perhaps you already do, in which case I missed you for some reason this week because this is the first time I've seen your post!! x



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