Wednesday, June 22, 2011

on the school run

We have the best chats driving to school. Something about me not being able to be distracted I guess.

This morning, the big boy said What's after primary school mum? Like year 7?
and I said High school.
and he said And after high school?

and I said There's university, or tafe, or you can go to work. You can choose what you want to do then.
then he said I want to be a dentist. And a spaceman. I can't decide which one.

three streets later he said I know. I'll be a space dentist. Is that a thing?

It is now, my boy.

The small boy is off to the dentist tomorrow after he chipped his front teeth last week. So sad to see something you spent all that time making get broken. The new, jaggy smile is starting to look normal now, it does kind of suit his personality. We have called him Mr Bump since before he started moving!

Somewhat prophetic birthday cakes, circa 2010. This year I made them a dragon cake, slightly concerned about what the year ahead will bring.

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