Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The sun has gone down on the first day of a new year. A glorious day, contrasting sharply with the way I felt yesterday.

I really don't do the last day of the year well. I spent yesterday swinging between obsessive cleaning and chucking out anything in my path. Sorry kids. One shelf of the pantry is impeccably clean, but I can't find a set of house keys. I can't remember how I felt on the final day of 2011, but this time around, the end of the year filled me with nerves. Like if I get excited about the new year, it will kick me like a startled horse. It always sneaks up on me, the new year. We only waved off our final beautiful house guests on Sunday, so we decided to stay home and see the new year in. Just, together. We ate party food, watched the nine-o'clock fireworks with the kids, I made myself a vodka, lime and ginger beer and drank it in a few gulps before realising I had used alcoholic ginger beer. We went to bed and missed the whole thing. Perfect.

I woke up in the new year and baked a loaf of bread. I replanted one of my indoor pot plants. I collected some seeds from my garden. Nasturtiums and coriander. I fed my kids breakfast. And I thought, Hey, 2013, I'm not scared of you. I don't know what is around this corner, or any corner in our lives, but I do hope it's filled with more of the magic of today's ordinary. Strong, competent children splashing in the waves in the morning, a simple meal for lunch, restful afternoon naps, a late afternoon park play.

As we left the beach this morning, I saw a family of Willy Wagtails playing in the dunes. A family of five. And I know we belong here.


  1. A very Happy New Year to you Sarah. I felt the same urge today to get cleaning, to start a new. It felt good to go through clothes draws, bagging them up ready to pass on to another little girl, I still feel like I want to do more but there is tomorrow:) Have a wonderful year with your family enjoy all the beautiful simple things that life has to offer. x

  2. New Year is such a strange time - so full of promise and uncertainty. I'm glad your first day has been so lovely. Wishing you a year full to the brim with love and joy!

  3. happy new year sarah! sounds like the perfect day to welcome the new year. I am so glad it is here, so glad to start a fresh. I am still enjoying being away on holidays, but very much looking forward to getting home, packing away all the decorations and purging! cleaning and ridding the cupboards of things that are just sitting there, not being used.. lovely inspiration here to start the day x

  4. I always feel a bit odd about the start of a new year too. 2012 threw us quite a few curve balls and we were thrown another one yesterday (day 1, can you believe it).
    Vodka, lime and alcoholic ginger beer! You are a hardened drinker. ;)

  5. I agree that the new year is always a strange time...I always think it feels so arbitrary and yet I also feel filled with pressure.
    I tend to like the spring as a time to reflect and make some changes.

    I hope that 2013 is a magical year for you and your family!

  6. Obsessive cleaning and chucking out going on here too. I have a good vibe about this year and it seems several other bloggers do too so exhale and enjoy. mel x

  7. ahahah love your double whammy drink fest ;) That would have made me sleepy too!!

    My little Olive has been wearing her Tuppany bonnet, it's ADORABLE!! I'm yet to catch a photo of her in it but i'll make sure you see it when I do!

    Happy new year Sare, hope to cross your path again soon

    xo em



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