Tuesday, January 29, 2013


An opportunity to reflect on my surroundings. To breathe in the rare moments of stillness in my world. To celebrate simple abundance in my daily life.
1. Artwork from the first day at new Kindy. I am very grateful for the kind way he has been invited into this lovely little community.
2. Op-shop goodies: a lovely vintage sheet (I found the matching pillowcases a few days later!) and another big glass jar, which I have already filled with sweet peaches, sugar syrup and booze. See you in six to eight weeks, peach liqueur!
3. Tomatoes, charred by the heat. Now they are getting well and truly soggy.
4. Drawing has been de rigueur over the school holidays. His walls are now covered with home-made posters of favourite cartoon characters.
5. The community centre chicken coop- we have the keys! We went to visit, harvested some tomatoes growing there and put our plan down. Getting some girls to live there is next on the agenda.
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  1. I have that very same vintage sheet stuffed away in my fabric stash... not quite sure what to do with it yet. :)

  2. I'm a bit partial to a lovely thrifted sheet- what a score! And how cool your community centre has a chicken coop! x

  3. Lovely photos. Thanks for stopping by. My tomatoes are looking the same, they must be confused with the charring heat and then pouring rain. Lovely blog. x

  4. That sheet looks really familiar, I too seem to manage to often find matching sheets and pillowcases in different oppies on the same day. We must have supersensitive ears and hear them calling each other to be re united. My girl starts kindy this week too, she is so excited. mel x

  5. lovely blog.

  6. woohoooooooo! Loving the community centre!! AWESOME!!!!!!

    xo em

  7. love the art - and that chicken coop looks professional. we have a community garden in our area, you've reminded me I should pop around. x



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