Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the grief of little ones

Our little Archie dog died yesterday. Little loyal boy, who loved all of my babies and showed great gentleness and humility. We found him at the RSPCA over ten years ago and adopted him. We thought our beagle needed a companion. He drove us mad over the years. He was only around one year old when we brought him home, but we would speculate wildly about what must have happened to him in that first year. He was incredibly afraid of storms and could climb trees and hop over fences with ease. He hurt himself once, cut his tummy open, and my mum nursed him back to health, and so became his mum, too.

I knew yesterday morning when I saw him. He had been coughing, we all had gastro. The dehydrating children took my attention. His demeanour had changed from determined to pleading. I called my darling because I knew I couldn't take the children to the vet, too. I told the three-year-old over and over Archie is very sick, darling. His chubby little cuddles Poor Archie. I brought the big boy straight into the yard after school. He turned his face and silently mixed the dirt from his hands into the tears on his cheeks. We all gave him a cuddle and our love.

My darling returned home empty handed and eyes glistening. Where's Archie? over, and over, from the three-year-old. Where's Archie? Where's Archie? I tried to explain, He was so sick, darling, and he died. We won't see him anymore. The big boy buried his head in the lounge pillow and escaped into the cartoons on telly. A little while later, the three-year-old asked me Why is Archie in the water? Where is he? He thought I had said Archie dived.

So I tried again. We won't get to play with our Archie any more matey, I said. Oooh, but I want to! I don't know what died is mummy. And when I thought about it, my brain tumbled and I didn't really know either. I don't know.

Last night was the biggest storm I ever heard. The loudest thunder, the brightest flashes of lightning.


  1. Oh I am do sorry for your loss. RIP Archie. I don't know what died is either really, he'll certainly live on in your heart... and as for the storm, it seems like a good sign to me.
    take care
    all my love to you and your family

  2. What a sweet dog Archie was, so loving in that photo. I am so sorry that your Archie died I understand the sadness that all of you must be feeling. Take care. Much hugs to all of you. xxx

  3. I'm so sorry to read this. I welled up reading this because I know this is something we'll face one day too. I'm really very sad for you. Sending lots of love to you. x

  4. Oh - that's just awful.
    They really are part of the family - our beautiful dogs.
    My heart hurts for Archie, you and your family.
    So, so sorry.
    :-( x

  5. Huge hugs my darling friend. I'm so sorry honey. I'm sitting here with tears on my cheeks, I feel for each of you so much. What wouldn't I give to be able to give each of you a hug & just sit with you. Sending loads of love across the miles to each of you xoxo

  6. The loss of a pet is such a heart wrenching time. You handled it with your kiddies with such grace and humility. Im so very sorry for the loss of your Archie. x

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss, how heart breaking for your family :( Our dogs are definitely family members here too xxx

  8. I'm very sorry for your loss, this is so sad. We had two RSPCA rescue dogs also, they are very special souls. Its so nice to know that some animals have a chance to live in loving homes after rough beginnings. Take care.

  9. Awww, so sorry to read this. We went through a similar experience recently and it was so difficult. I was a mess and Cohen, who is also three (four in December) didn't understand either. We keep explaining, but every now and then he still asks where Odin is, or asks me if I still love Odin. Tear still spring to my eyes. All the best. xx



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