Friday, September 28, 2012

in stitches: nappy stash

So much joy in working at the machine this past week. Lots of projects going, the lounge recovery continues, a birthday gift for a little girl, but first, I had to get these fitted nappies done for my girl.
Details: fitted cloth nappy using the Fattycakes pattern (modified). Minky outer, hidden PUL layer and polar fleece liner. Ridiculously absorbent bamboo snap-in soaker. Materials from Greenbeans Australia. Playing around with the idea of pursuing a more creative career, giving my little shop a real, red-hot go. Maybe these could be a new 'line'?
Looking to see what the cool kids are doing, over here. 


  1. These are awesome! You've done a cracking job and I think they'd do wonderfully in your shop. The colours are so lovely and your little love looks mighty chuffed with them. I've sent you a quick email about the Waldorf Doll too.
    Wishing you a gorgeous day ) x

  2. they look sooo coooll! i could totally see a business potential :) good luck!

  3. I have been meaning to pop over for ages and say hi and thank you for all your comments a little while back. Your three are gorgeous and your youngest with those cute little dimples is a total doll! These nappies are superb, if mine were still little I would have bought a pile, the colours and minky velour would have completely lured me in. Go for it with the little business, give it a try. mel x

  4. You made these?? they are suuuuper cute! Almost makes me want a diaper baby again:p I used cloth on both my "babies". These look very professional! :)



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