Thursday, April 26, 2012

there were five in the van: day two

We awoke on day two of our trip in Wadonga, a little unsure of how we got there to be honest. The children had slept soundly in their beds. We stopped in at the local shopping centre to get some fresh bread for lunch and some kind of latch to hold the fridge shut when we went around corners. I didn't find one, fortunately nifty husband got all MacGyver, folding a piece of paper into a wedge. Not that we needed it, anyway. Wadonga to Lorne was on the agenda for day two. That's some straight driving there. Next turn in 274 kilometres. I drove too (love driving a manual) and found it easier than I expected. I even did the busy part, skirting around Melbourne and through Geelong.

Our home for the evening was a campsite at Cumberland River Holiday Park. It was in such a gorgeous spot, on the Great Ocean Road just out of Lorne. Flanked by cliff faces and overlooking the sea, with a babbling creek running alongside. Truly beautiful! The park was full to capacity, with the Easter long weekend (otherwise known as Camping Long Weekend) about to kick off. I found it fascinating to check out everyone's camping set-ups, with dining tents and campfires. I cooked a simple dinner in the van- it was too late to get a campfire going in time for the kid's dinner. We had a lovely explore of the place in the cool light of the morning. Harry told me he could see people's homes way up in the cliffs, and their paintings, too.
I think he may have been right.

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