Sunday, April 29, 2012

there were five in the van: day three

Good Friday...boy, was it ever!

We discovered the true joy in camper vanning. Stopping wherever you like, and having your kitchen with you from which to prepare breakfast. Here we are on the Great Ocean Road, just out of Lorne.

It was interesting to hang out on a different coastline to our Eastern home one. The sunshine was lovely, and although the water was an inviting turquoise, it was oh-so-cold! The biggest found some very strong, very think seaweed. We went for a walk and found some amazing shells, which the middle one wanted to keep for a connection.

And then, we ventured on to fulfill the purpose of the trip: reliving hubby's youth, attending a little surfing contest at a little beach called Bells. I am not very heavily into surf culture, but I got totally swept up in the excitement and festivities. I was a bit wary of lugging all the children to the beach for a contest that can potentially run for days and days, but somewhere the gods were smiling on me. After we parked in a field in Siberia, we made the kids some lunch (because you can do that in a campervan) and meandered down to the beach. As we approached I heard the happy announcement It looks like someone will be ringing the bell this afternoon folks! Somehow, we had managed to turn up for the men's final. Ace!
We found our mates, and then proceeded to watch some awesome displays, including this guy

do this move
landing him a perfect ten. This guy was so cool with the crowd, and his very sleek and consistent rides won him the Bell on the day.
It was all rather tiring.
I really had no idea I'd have such a great time. I even bought a t-shirt.

And once we were settled in our next campsite, and the kids were asleep, you know which movie we watched in the DVD player in the Kea camper, don't you?

Thus beginning a storm of Point Break quotes for the rest of the journey.



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