Monday, September 5, 2011

sometimes it's awesome when the car breaks down

...because that means you have to walk the boy to school, and pick him up. And that means
  • you get the dogs out for a run
  • you get some great exercise
  • you clean out the pouch on the pram, finding two milky ways, a space food stick and book club catalogues from approximately 18 months ago
  • you can practice a little mindfulness meditation (I am walking. I am walking.)
  • you get to walk along a gorgeous beach
  • you can stop and have a leisurely chat at the bakery
  • you can meet the most striking Great Dane ever
  • you can be told by several people "Gee. You have your hands full!", and feel sorry for them, that they don't have their hands full
  • a kind man with a surfboard will tell you what a great job you are doing
  • your baby girl will snuggle up comfortably in the carrier
  • there are at least two hours where the two-year-old TV addict won't be whining about I watcha car doos mummy?
  • you will sit on a cool sandstone rock under a tree and feed the baby while the middle boy plays at the park
  • you will realise, yet again, how much you love it here, and vow to do it again tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. Lovely. There certainly was a silver lining. You might have started a new daily routine now..broken car or not :). x



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