Thursday, September 22, 2011

meaningful gift: birthday hero

An invitation to a birthday party(on a Friday arvo- lovely, clever parents!).
 Some super green shiny fabric, my sewing machine and about 45 minutes.
 Our first handmade gift for a school friend.
I felt just a little bit sick taking my boy to the party with his mum-made present for the birthday boy. Is taking handmade a form of social suicide? I thought I was oh-so-clever until self doubt crept in. I wonder if the birthday boy liked it?


  1. If I were his Mum I would love it! Kids love dressing up, so why wouldn't your boys friend like this gift. What is not to like? I wish I could sew like you do x

  2. It's awesome, I suspect he'll refuse to take it off and will be sleeping in it dreaming of superhero adventures x



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