Thursday, September 1, 2011

found on friday: august

August was wonderful for feeding my rekindled op-shop fascination. I think I just love peeking into the lives of others. Finding strange objects and making up stories. Lots of times I just like to see these objects, not necessarily own them.

Like the decor wine cask cooler with matching plastic wine goblets. I imagined a very fashionable 1980's summer pool party, mum with a spiral perm, kids riding pool ponies. Or the super-cool picnic set I found, which was inspired by air-travel technology. Four stacking plates, which you loaded with a meal, then put in the cooling or heating box. To be ready when you arrived at your picnic spot.

Anyway, here are some lovely findings from the past few weeks:
 A vintage snakes 'n' ladders game, complete with moral lessons. Displaying vanity? Down the snake you go to loneliness. Showing kindness? Up the ladder to you go.
 This romper with veggie patch design was too cute to leave there, even though it probably won't fit the small girl until next Autumn!
Buy of the month: two bedsides, seen here in the process of making nicer. A lick of nice white paint and a silver spray to the handles, and now they are a little shabby beach thankyouverymuch.

Lots of fun had shopping.


  1. Those bedside drawers are looking fantastic, great find.

  2. I had that exact snakes and ladders set as a child - still have it somewhere! Had forgotten all about it until now. :) Great finds!

  3. Ive got that snakes and ldders game too, I love the moral tone!! I always like to imagine the lives of the object I find, where they have been who they belonged to, lovely x

  4. The Snakes and Ladder game is awesome, I especially like the graphics on the box and the colors. I am your new follower.



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