Friday, June 8, 2012

in stitches: birthday frock {in blues}

A special, hand-made gift for a little birthday girl, born just two weeks after my own. Made from vintage fabric gifted to me by her mum. A sweet peter pan collar and vintage pearlish buttons. I hope she loves it!

In other projects, the knitting continues, limited to the school run. A stash of cloth nappies is underway for my little girl, who has out-grown her vintage style set. There seems to be less and less opportunity to sit at the machine lately- both time and space are a little restricted right now!

Goodness me- look at the fabulousness over here!


  1. LOVE! What a lucky girl! A gorgeous little dress, I especially love the collar.

  2. so awesome! love the collar and sleeves and fabric... everything really! haha!

    Kel x

  3. I love the little dress - the colours and the sweet peter pan collar. Yes, I have a similar lack of time to spend on the machine these days too. Hope you're feeling better. Those bugs are the worst :(

  4. Oh that dress is just gorgeous!
    I am sewing quite sporadically these days, not just through lack of time but lack of inspiration.



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