Monday, November 11, 2013

I've found myself saying, just lately

Wow! How did that pumpkin get there?

Yes, darling, grown-ups have stomachs, too.

Guys! You have got to remember to put away your textas!

Does anyone know where I put the keys?

Does anyone know where I put my glasses?

Does anyone know where I put- is anyone listening at all?

Thanks little mate, I think this dress is the most beautifullest, too.

I'm in here. In the bathroom sweetie. Just in here. Yep going to the toilet. Poo. Oh, hey, you got the door open, that's cool. No thanks, I don't want any sultanas.

I'm not missing bread at all! (eye twitch) Or pasta! (twitch, twitch)

Where are your pants?

I'm not sure which minion is my favourite, kiddo. Maybe Kevin?

Just lay down and close your eyes! It's time to rest and relax! Right now!

I think a diamond gem would have more power than an emerald in a battle.

I want to marry you again.

(breathe  it all in, these fleeting moments disappear like the grains of sand forming the seashore)


  1. Fabulous post - an awesome record... And oh too familiar.

    Great art. I'd be giving the artist an extra scoop of icecream for sure.

  2. Ha ha! I often find my self saying "Anyone? Anyone?"
    Maybe I should do a post like this least that way someone will hear what I am saying!

  3. What a lovely post. Breathe it all in, yes.

    Though yes, the "Anyone listening?" - LOL.

    Sorry, not very articulate today. running on fumes and about 2 hours sleep...



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