Wednesday, October 10, 2012

growing things: first harvest

OK, so it's small scale. But I'm calling it. We ate something that we grew ourselves. Two somethings, actually: bok choy and some coriander. I've been nibbling those delicious coriander leaves for a little while now, and they are so fragrant! I love watering the veggie patch in the afternoon, and getting a mild waft of coriander perfume. The bok choy grew weird, tall and gangly, but we ate it anyway. I made a rice salad with bok choy, coriander, capsicum and corn. Yum.

My beautiful nana-in-law visited over the weekend, and brought the best gifts ever: some goodies from her veggie garden (spinach, snow peas and mixed lettuce leaves), a tea cosy that she knitted and a little nasturtium plant. I find it curious, the things that make me so very happy these days. She also looked over my little garden and gave me bits of advice. When our lunch out was curtailed by poor weather and sleepy babies, the fresh harvest nana brought formed lunch. Perfection.

I'm enjoying recording my growing journey here, and catching up with other growers over here. Do you keep a garden journal?


  1. Home grown produce or home made presents are the best gifts I think.

  2. That is so special, I love sweet gifts like that. My father in-law brought me moss in a paper box one day. It made me feel so happy! Thanks for joining in and it's lovely to meet you! xxx Rach

  3. What a gorgeous visit that would have been! How wonderful :)
    I love coming up with things to make out of our currently meagre garden offerings.



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