Monday, July 30, 2012

nourish: pumpkin and citrus

I think I can safely say that I used last week's pumpkin to its full potential! Yet I didn't feel that all we ate was pumpkin. We enjoyed:

Pumpkin, Silverbeet and Ricotta Cannelloni
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Scones

I was excited to see so many delicious recipes shared, too:
Catherine from A Time To Create shared this recipe, for Fetta Pumpkin Sausage Rolls
and then she hooked me up with a recipe for Roast Veggie Soup
Max from Blackbird has Spoken shared how she likes to make pumpkin into a pasta dish: I eat loads of pumpkin, i especially like penne alla zucca, (fry onion and celery, add 1 inch pumpkin cubes and a glass of white wine, cook with lid on until just softening then add chilli flakes and salt and deseeded chopped tomatoes until cooked and stir into penne pasta), hot pumpkin salad (chunks glazed with oregano and honey) and pumpkin and mozzerella arancini

If you have a pumpkin recipe on your blog, feel free to link up and I'll update our little collection!

Now, onto this week's In Season: Citrus.

We took a little day trip to check out a farmer's market on Sunday (more on that later) and had a beautiful drive through some orchard country. No surprises that we came away with a bucket of oranges, a bag of mandarins and some lemons.

The thing is, I'm not much of a fan of oranges. I had braces for seven years (!) as a teenager, and the thought of scraping metal through all that pithy flesh must be hanging around. But I'm determined to get over myself this week, because these babies are super fresh and juicy.

Do you have a favourite citrus recipe? Link me up!


  1. Citrus are one of my favourites and are great to be eating at the moment with all of this cold weather around. It looks like you've got lots of oranges to use up there so here are a couple of recipes you might like to try, Rhonda's whole orange cake is a favourite of ours and just this morning the lovely Jodie from Jellywares just shared a cordial recipe Thank you for the lovely mention too:) x

  2. I made this orange and walnut cake again on the weekend...this time with hazelnuts. It is so good. The 10 house guests agreed.

  3. @Catherine- thanks for the whole orange cake, I made one last week with too much butter (is that even possible?!). Now cordial- I hadn't thought of that!
    @Greer- I love a nutty cake, thanks for the link!



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