Thursday, November 3, 2011

gift for a new arrival

Things have gone quiet next door. I don't know if that means a baby has arrived, or if they are just avoiding us and our sick tummies. Either way, I have finished a gift for the impending arrival.
A little bonnet, like my girl's golden one, but a little tweaked. The design still needs a little tweaking, but I'm nearly there I think. A pair of ruffly butt bloomers. A singlet with a rosette-button-pouffy thingo. All from upcycled materials. I so love that vintage floral. And navy, mint and lilac for a girl, waddyathink?

I found myself watching two docos last night, one on birth in the UK, and one on breastfeeding. The birth one was really graphic- no pixely bits like an American show. As I was watching the women push through their various birthing journeys, I shamefully had an internal tanty of jealousy. I want to do that again. And I want video and photos of it so I remember it better.

But do I really? Not the babies thing, I am deliriously happy with our little family. But do I have regret about not inviting a photographer in to the births? Maybe. I wonder what I looked like. I would like to have a few of those moments frozen in time. They are etched on my brain forever though. And I can always ask my darling, who was there holding my hand, and laughing with me, every moment.

What is your take on birth photography? I am linking up with other creative labours here (see what I did there?)


  1. I didn't have video or photo's during my births, I personally wouldn't like it filmed. I can remember the births very well, I think partly because I didn't have any pain relief apart from gas. I got photo's taken straight after both babies were born, I looked terrible but who wouldn't (unless you've a c-section!) But it's not about how you look, it's about the precious new life your holding!

  2. And beautiful little clothes! Love the vintage fabric, what a lovely gift!

  3. What a gorgeous gift! Love the colours.

  4. Gorgeous bonnet - I'd quite like one for myself!!Great colour combo as well. No one would want to see a vid or photos from my birth - even my husband looks like he will pas s out when we talk about them - not pretty!!

  5. They are beautiful gifts for a new baby! I love the colours.
    I got my husband to take a couple of pics when we had my second, and I am sort of glad that we have at least a couple. I was totally against it for my first, but now seeing that it was my first and only water birth I sort of wish I had a couple. My third the birth was too quick to even think about getting out the camera :)
    My first visit here - lovely to meet you!

  6. I love the colours, and they're all so cute!
    I've got pics of 3 of my 4 births - the last 2 were caesars so they're not pics everyone would like to see ;) Come to think of it, I wouln't want to show many pics of my 1st birth and most people wouldn't like to see them either LOL. But I do pull them out on occsions (like my eldest's 18th birthday recently).
    The 2nd birth I don't have photos of - he was born early and it was all a bit traumatic at the time. I wish I did though.

  7. Lovely gift. And I actually have videos of my last two caesarians, but I can't watch them because I can't handle blood! Some of my friends have lovely photos though. I have photos that are just memory joggers for me!

  8. The little clothes are to die for, and the coulours are perfect. Happy child who will be wearing them!
    I have 4 children and no photos of their birth. Giving birth is such a messy, bloody, painful business, I have no wish to be reminded how it was(goosebumps and shivers).



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