Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lucky you're good-looking

Because in the last week, you have

drawn an amazing piece of 'art' on the wall in blue permanent marker

tipped an entire packet of coconut into the cookie dough

made the computer go weird by pressing the on button repeatedly

locked me out of my phone by putting in the wrong password three times

dropped my camera, smashing the lens filter and I'm not sure the lens is working right anymore

But, you look like this.

So, I find it difficult to stay mad for long!



  1. love this! it must be very hard to stay angry at a face like that!

    Thanks for signing up to the sheet swap! just emailed you some more details :) Kel

  2. You are one patient mumma.
    I feel like I must bow down to your having read Jane Eyre. Thankfully others have owned up and said they're as literary deficient as I. Phew.

  3. Awwww no way you could be too cross. Well actually I think the permanent marker artwork might have had some teeth gnashing on my part. Is the camera lens ok?

  4. I so so so get where you're coming from - I don't mind (much) the wanton destruction of my 2 year old - I just really wish he'd stop putting his baby sister in a headlock and tackling her to the ground...
    Such a good thing he's cute!



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