Sunday, February 6, 2011

new reading

Since writing my first post here on my birthday, I've become fascinated with the idea of growing our life with less stuff in it. I discovered (OK, so I'm a bit late to the party) a community of bloggers talking about
I really had no idea that this philosophy or movement existed. But how truly wonderful to discover that other people out there are making efforts in their lives to pare down the material stuff to make space for genuine living.
I have been enjoying going through the archives of a few blogs, and quickly wanted to link up some of my new regular haunts:
Zen Habits with Leo Babauta- check out the archive for a comprehensive list of interesting ways to simplify all the areas of your life. I loved the entry about Christmas, especially after suffering a bit of gift fatigue!
Becoming Minimalist with Joshua Becker- great for a beginner like me, Joshua writes beautifully. I really enjoyed 35 Gifts Your Children Will Never Forget.
Be More With Less with Courtney Carver- my new favourite place to visit. Amazing, thought-provoking posts, and very cool mini-missions too. Living in the Land of Enough- incredible.
I can see that I have barely scratched the surface in finding out, learning, reading others' experience about this whole minimalist thing. My own journey began in a half-conscious way really, so I am quite curious to see where it takes me. But already, I find myself making more purposeful shopping decisions, and rejecting what used to be spontaneous buys. I have begun asking myself- if I bring this object into my home, will it be used in a valuable, purposeful way? Will it have somewhere to go? Clutter is starting to have an anxiety-inducing effect on me now, and I am looking forward to working on some areas of our home in the coming weeks.
Nearly one year after our move, I truly can't remember what is in the still-packed boxes stored in a wardrobe. I wonder if we'll ever find out?


  1. Me too! I have this idea in my head but then I go and acquire more stuff! Something's not working!! x

  2. Thanks so much for the links. I have a regular read of Zen Habits but the other two blogs are new to me. Your suggested posts were both awesome so I look forward to looking further. Thanks for linking this post to the Weekend Rewind. I really enjoyed it (sorry for the late visit. Better late than not at all? x)



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