Saturday, May 31, 2014

in stitches: f-ing the ufos

I came to the sad and somewhat shameful realisation this week that of all the yard projects I've begun in my life, I've completed one.

That's OK, I am clearly a process-over-product type person. I'm quite happy that knitting and crochet serves to warm my icy fingers and steady my chatty mind. But I need to move some of the half-finished products to justify my insatiable urge to buy random balls of yarn and old needles in the op shop.

I present, my unfinished object floor of shame:

Let's go clockwise, shall we? From the top left.

A capped-sleeve dress (Little Sister pattern) in lovely soft 4-ply grey wool. My first attempt at knitting in the round. On the round. Roundways. Whatever it's called. Started in an 18month size. Child is now three.

Some kind of simple baby jumper in op-shopped rainbow yarn. I have no clue what size or when I started that one. Or the pattern.

A scarf? Using two different textured yarns in olive green tones on big needles. I think this was for Grandma.

I have no idea what that is.

A really pretty crocheted cardigan in some op-shopped mohair. Started last winter, cleverly in a size three.

A crocheted scarf for my sister's birthday. Two years ago,

A crocheted rainbow scarf for my friend's birthday in March. Just the ends to sew in. It makes total sense to have started more projects since then.

A baby pram blanket in the most gorgeous buttery yellow cotton yarn. For my son. Who will by nine next week.

A baby onesie I began during the summer I was on holidays and pregnant with my middle guy. I think it was a six-month size. Not sure it'll stretch now that he is nearly five.

I have plans to re-size some, rip others off the needles, and finish some and actually give the gifts. And also start another couple of projects in the meantime, because I know I won't be able to help myself.



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